comic con

If nerd badges were a thing and there was a race to get the most, I’m pretty sure I’d be in the runnings after spending Star Wars Day at Comic Con.

Though, according to my husband, it is a race and I already won long ago…

I stressed hardcore about which t-shirt to choose from, polished up some nerdy nails (will post on those later) and then went on with my bad-self even though I was a broke joke and that makes a vendor-filled con – ugh, filled with everything I could ever want – not as awesome as it could be if I were, I dunno, I millionaire…?

But whatever. I went and saw so many super rad cosplays in real-life instead of just in pictures. I awkwardly stared at the likes of Manu Bennett, Dean Cain, Ralph Macchio, Sean Astin and Robert Englund. I can fiiiinally say that I sat in on a panel – Matt Smith, the eleventh and dreamiest doctor. I won a couple of tickets for a movie screening, bought some Star Wars figures for my little crew, sat in the driver’s seat of the time traveling Delorean and met James Hong.


If you don’t know who he is, it’s pretty unlikely that we already are or ever will be friends, but Big Trouble in Little China is on Netflix right now so STOP READING AND GO WATCH IT.

If you’re still here, I assume it’s because you already know who he is and so here’s a picture of us together after I told him all about how Big Trouble was the best movie of all time. And I settled for a picture even though I feel like we maybe should have chatted over a cup of coffee or something where I would have done my best Lo Pan impression and he would have asked to adopt me as a granddaughter, but alas…

me and james

He’s the adorable one on the right, I’m the insane looking one on the left, but JAMES HONG, YOU GUYS.


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