My husband and I have been married for nearly 8 years and I am STILL learning things about him.

For instance, I just learned last week that he has always hung up his work clothes in a rotation. He said that he does it that way because I’m sometimes super fast at laundry and so the pants and shirts that he wore one day might be clean and ready to wear the next day. Well, wearing the same clothes two days in a row is embarrassing, obviously, so he hangs them up in a rotation to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

I MEAN, C’MON. If that’s not the cutest, dorkiest, kind-of-genius thing ever, I dunno what is.

Speaking of cuteness/dorkiness, the guy comes home from the store the other night with a laundry soap I never buy and was legitimately excited, all “I hope this is ok…there’s so many exotic smells to choose from!” Me, I usually stress hardcore about the price and buying locally made and good for the environment and safe for our skin and he was just stoked on how awesome everything smelled.

Gah. I’m forever in love with that man’s whimsy.


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