I spent the late morning hours in a lawn chair on my driveway – sipping coffee and reading about dark matter – while my little crew pedaled bikes and things up and down our dead-end road.

“Mom, why are you making that face?”

“What face? Was I making a face?”

“Yeeeaa…it’s like, a super happy face.”

Oh, I dunno, maybe because life totally rules…

On the real, I’ve been a little stress-pot lately – worried that my stay-at-home and unschooling days are numbered, because I guess money makes the world go ’round more so than angular momentum and inertia, but today was pretty perfect and I’m thankful for all that.

Also thankful that the bird above my head could hold it until I stood up from my lawn chair because hair full of bird poop is probably* worse than a chair full of bird poop.

*i say probably simply because i’ve never experienced bird poop in my hair (though one can imagine), omg knock on wood, why do i do this to myself


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