dreadful: day six

Someone landed here the other day by Googling “i experienced a pigeon sh**” and I think it’s the best/funniest thing to ever happen to my blog.

Speaking of pigeon shi**, I’m still dreading my hair. (I kid about the sh**, of course, but the general public seems to think that’s a thing, so…)

I have no idea if/how they’ll turn out or if I’ll even like them when they do, but there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be all about it and I finally came up with whatever it is that a person needs to come up with to go through with something like this, so I had to.

That and it’s just hair.

Anyway, I’m letting them free-form and it’s going to take foreverrrrrr, but I’ll update every once in a while (obvs.) so you can all see how they’re coming along.

Right now I’m on day 6 of washing with residue free shampoo and not brushing.

dreadful day 6

And apart from that one morning where I woke up and was all “OKAY, IS THIS MY FIRST BABY DREAD OR IS THIS MARSHMALLOW FROM LAST NIGHT’S S’MORES?” … it’s going super well.


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