life lately.

My last post was all wah wah about having to move, but now we’ve bought a house and are all moved in to our own place and it’s basically the opposite of wah wah.

Haw haw? I dunno, but it’s pretty great. The house is old – 101 to be exact – and it gets water in the basement during really hard rains, but it also has a sliding barn door and gorgeous wood floors and built-ins and a cute little porch and it’s across from a lake/beach and it’s all ours and it’s fricken perfect.

Speaking of perfect – my hair is ‘perfect’ly straight (ugh) because I brushed out my dreads due to a bout of head lice. So yeeeaaaa. The dangers of living with school-aged little girls, I guess. I want to start dreading again because I hate un-dreaded hair, but the thought of looking like Gollum after having to brush out another set sends me into a panic, so there’s that.

Speaking of hair, my oldest daughter got like a billion inches of hair cut off the other night and matter-of-factly exclaimed “this is actually really great – when I go to the bathroom, I don’t have to try to hold my hair up out of the toilet anymore.”



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