Something that I did one random Sunday afternoon was look up pictures of dogs on the internet and later that night came home with a puppy.

(I make it sound like it was impulsive and that I did zero research, but you guys know me. I researched my fricken brain out, it just doesn’t make for an interesting story.)

He’s a lab/springer mix and yes, I read that they’re energetic as eff, but I figured we could handle it. I think somewhere in my brain, I’m like, LOL I PUSHED OUT TWINS, I CAN DO ANYTHING, I dunno.

So anyway, we’re fur-parents.

And I have a ton of fur-parent friends, but I’ll be real with you guys – I didn’t totally get it. I was like, I dunno, it’s a dog, what’s the big thing? But nearly 3 weeks into fur-parenthood, I so feel you. Oh my gosh, do I feel you.

He drives me bat crap crazy, yea – like the first week we had him and I was like “ok, byyyyye” because I couldn’t deal and then when he pee’d in my house for the 45th time…you know, stuff like that. But I’m also like “OH MY GOSH, DID THAT TOY JUST SQUEAK? THAT’S THE FIRST TIME HE FOUND THE SQUEAKER IN IT, AWWWWWWW!” And other ridiculous stuff that you probably only think normal if you are a fellow fur-parent.

We named him Lord Vader and I like to joke that he’s our little disturbance in the force, but it isn’t really a joke because omg.

(Here he is being cuter than anything ever.)


One thought on “fur-motherhood

  1. I am glad you have a dog. Not glad he keeps you up at night and pees on your stuff and drives you bat crazy, but still…someday he’ll outgrow that stuff and you’ll notice your kids playing with him and you’ll be like “Yeah, this is why we got a dog” and then vacuum up a clump of dog hair and not care. Honestly, the dog eases my depression and whenever any of us is just sick of life, our dog cheers us up and is a pillow to cry on; or gives us something really funny to laugh at. Dogs are work, but they are fun too. Hoping the transition goes by quickly!

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