You guys, what is happening to me? My daughter turns 9 tomorrow and I’m not even batting an eyelash.


Being so chill about this – or anything, ever – probably goes against mom code, but I also think that I might kinda know what’s up.

Girlfriend is just an old soul and, frankly, I’m surprised she’s only nearly 9.

Don’t get me wrong though, 9 is big. It’s the last single digit number that she’ll ever be, it’s halfway to 18, it’s the age that has her circling baby dolls with one stroke and cute clothes* and smart watches and Samsung Galaxies with another on the pages of her toy catalog in preparation of Christmas.

*Obnoxious leggings and Star Wars t-shirts – she is MINE after all.

“Hey, kid. I saw that you have a cell phone on your Christmas list, what would you use it for…? You haven’t started staying home alone yet, but, ya know, maybe once you do…”

“What!? No! I would use it to text or call you while you’re gone. I’m not staying home by myself – that would be boring! I’d just have to sit here, doing nothing, while I wait for you to get back so that I can ask if I could watch a movie or something.”

A funny little reminder that it’s only 9, and yet another reason that I’m not totally losing my s*** about it.

And tomorrow morning, she’ll wake up to a room full of balloons and her favorite muffins (triple berry and banana nut), we’ll grab her favorite lunch (Subway, always), and we’ll bring her cell phone shopping.

LOL JK about that last one. So much JK.

But still, happy birthday, sweet thing.


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