the blog awakens

True or False: I have had 11 different drafts typed up about my love of Star Wars, but then deleted all of them because it’s like, how do you put a love like that into words?

Twenty days into January and it’s my first post of the year – even though it was one of my resolutions to ‘write more.’ I guess it’s technically still writing even if you delete it because you’re worried that the www will be like, “oh no, this girl for real needs help” when you give them the full monty of your Star Wars obsession…

Off topic, but speaking of writing – I’ve submitted a few of my posts to another site, hoping for a volunteer position that would force me into getting out of my comfort zone and pushing the ‘publish’ button with a little more frequency. I’ll let you know how that pans out – you’ll be on the edge of your seats until then, no doubt.

Back to Star Wars, have you guys seen that? Don’t say yes unless you’ve seen it in 3D, because if you haven’t seen it in 3D, you haven’t seen it. I went with friends the other night and was embarrassed at how often I dodged out of the way of TIE fighters, but not at all embarrassed at how often I legit tried to hug Han Solo.



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