quitter, quitter, chicken dinner

By nature, I’m a quitter.

I dunno what it is about my brain that’s different than, let’s say, my husband’s for instance – he will finish whatever task he’s working on, no matter the process – but I just can’t. If it’s difficult or annoying, I give up. And not because I feel unqualified, just because I get pissed and feel like I’m wasting my time.

Feel free to take a moment to psychoanalyze.

Anyway, I looked down at the clock/date on my laptop just now and realized that it’s the 8th – a day later than when the local mom-blog I submitted pieces to said that they’d be contacting their future contributors, and guess who didn’t get their ticket to Hogwarts.

So, it’s like, maybe I ought to feel unqualified, but maybe I also ought to stop trying. It feels weird to try and sell yourself in an online bio anyway, and let’s face it – this might just be the only corner of the world wide web that can handle my anxiety-ridden ramblings and inappropriate jokes about a ‘4-hour erection in dog years’ while my 7 month old lab-mix humps his favorite toy.


2 thoughts on “quitter, quitter, chicken dinner

  1. Lol you, my dear, will always be qualified in my book. From one quitter to another.


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