valentine’s day 2016

Sunday was the 10th Valentine’s Day that my husband and I spent together.


We celebrated with a kid-less lunch, where I think he was trying to impress me all over again, because he was eating his boneless buffalo wings with a fork. Then we grabbed some iced coffee and walked around the mall, where he bought me a season of Girls and the R2-D2 measuring cups that I’d been crushing on.

My gifts to him were waking him up with a really funny story, a tackle box full of gummy candies, and yelling “DO YOU HAVE SECRET SAUERKRAUT IN THIS HOUSE?” from the bathroom door after getting out of the shower and thinking that the place reeked of rotten cabbage.

…Yea, he’s better at romance than I am – I am fully aware of that, thank you.


4 thoughts on “valentine’s day 2016

  1. Our gift for valentines was o do nothing. Ha ha. We are such romantics. Or just really big cheap skates. LOL. I sort of loathe valentines day.

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    • I think it was maybe the 2nd time in our 10 years that we’d ever left the house for Valentine’s Day, haha. We usually get a heart-shaped pizza and stay in, watching Netflix. I don’t really feel too strongly about the day one way or the other, but it’s nice to have an excuse to get out and do something together – it was the most fun I’d had as a couple in a long time. Nate was in rare form and actually made me laugh, haha.

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