‘about me’

The first thing that I do when I come across a new blog, is look for their ‘about me’ page.

I figure that if you can make the basics about yourself sound interesting enough to keep my attention, I will basically read anything that you write. If, on the flipside, you refer to your children as your LO’s and your husband as your DH, I’m sorry, but I just can’t.

…yea, I realize, now, that I sound like a giant brat.

I, ironically, do not have an ‘about me’ page – not for a lack of trying though, trust me – I just haven’t been able to sum myself up in a way that I think I should officially publish as ‘about me.’

When I try for writing jobs online, the cornerstone for those applications is a bio and it is, hands down, one of my least favorite things to type up. I just feel like I sound like a droning idiot, saying all the things that you’re supposed to say: wife, stay-at-home mom, likes cats (I don’t actually like cats), eats a lot of queso (I do actually eat a lot of queso), etc.

It’s like, sometimes I just want to be like – kills houseplants, still shops in the juniors section, mumbles the f-word a bunch, and last week, at a local pizza joint, literally motioned the parmesan cheese away and groaned that “I’m trying to cut back,” so I dunno, do you really want me writing for you?


2 thoughts on “‘about me’

  1. I hate when people write initials like DH for their husband. Does that mean “dear husband”? I have a friend who writes like that on facebook and I don’t understand what she is saying. I hate my about me page. It’s pretty darn boring. I hate trying to sum myself up too. Feels fake.

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    • I think I read that it meant ‘Darling Husband’…dumb, either way. I get that people don’t want to give names, but abbreviations for your family’s relationships to you? Get out. Haha. And yes! I’m forever attracted to the writings of people who write real stuff. And weird stuff – I like weird, too.

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