check yourself

I’m very much one of those “why are we here/what does it all mean?” types, even though, most days, I’m fairly certain that it means nothing more than we make it to mean. That being said – I am a sucker for internet quizzes.

I know that seems out of left field, but hear me out.

I just feel like there’s something existentially satisfying about them – each one like small quest for a shred of self-awareness; where I am able to compare and contrast my own existence with things and characters that I see and know outside of myself…

They’re not always accurate, of course – it is the Internet, after all. I had one test assume that I was a 73-year-old male based on a series of random images I had chosen and another test tell me that I’m Chandler, when I’m clearly an insufferable mix of Ross and Monica.

But then it’s like, of course if I were a food I’d be pizza, so I dunno.

What do you guys think? Are you addicted to personality quizzes, too? Do you think there’s some sort of deeper, psychological meaning for so many of us taking them so frequently, or do you think they’re just a way to pass the time? And while I’m asking questions, which Disney princess are you?

I kid. (But I am Ariel, always.)


6 thoughts on “check yourself

  1. I LOVE every kind of personality quiz- the silly ones, the deep ones, the ones that take a whole book to explain… It is so fun to find out what makes me tick and why; why I’m really good at some things and why I’m NEVER good at that one thing. Also, it makes me understand how much I need other people- for the ways that they’re different than I am, and the things they do well that I can’t.
    Also also, I am Rapunzel.

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