baby steps

My husband is a helicopter parent.

Not in the traditional sense of the word, as he is rarely hovering around the kids himself – but more in the “just don’t do anything ever because you might get hurt and then I’ll blame your mom,” sort of way.

Ok, I added the “blame your mom” part, but only because it’s so true.
(And he knows I love him anyway.)

It’s possible that I’ve been pegged as a helicopter parent by those that know us best, but I can assure you that I hover by default; attempting to avoid blame for things that I couldn’t possibly control without bubble-wrap, duct tape, and a really convincing argument for staying put forever.

That kind of talking/thinking clearly has affect on the kids, so lately we’ve been really mindful about what is said/not said in an effort to curb some of that anxiety and timidity that they have, e.g. refusing to ride bikes without training wheels.

I dunno if they’ll ever do the bike thing (sorry not sorry, husband), but my oldest daughter has recently taken to YouTube and fallen down the rabbit hole of “CRAZY/INSANE scooter tricks #2016 YEA!”

So I’m whipping up dinner in the kitchen yesterday, when one of the kids’ friends knocks at the back door, dragging my oldest daughter’s scooter with her. I answer the door and she calmly tells me that my daughter was at the end of the sidewalk bleeding, and hands me the scooter that has blood all over it – soaked into the foamy handlebars, dripping down the rest of the frame, even down to the tires.

I dunno how a person measures progress when it comes to their anxiety, but I can tell that I’m moving forward because I felt a tiny twinge of pride before I felt any sort of panic – wondering what “CRAZY/INSANE” trick she suddenly felt brave enough to try.

Turns out that she just collided with another friend and had a bloody nose and a fat lip. And I dunno how you measure progress when it comes to your kid’s anxiety either, but when I met her on the sidewalk, she wasn’t completely beside herself about a bloody nose like she usually is, she was just laughing and going on about how weird her lip felt, so I think she’s moving forward, too.


4 thoughts on “baby steps

  1. Oh my gosh. Haha. Tell her to come here and teach Caleb some of those tricks. He’s much too fearful. I hear all these stories about boys needing stitches. Not him. He puts himself in a plastic bubble. And oh my gosh! I wrote a post today about bad parenting and one of them was hovering. Can I be you when I grow up because I sort of suck in the “let your kids do things where they could potentially get hurt” department. Mostly because I loathe doctors and bills and combining the two makes me cringe. I chipped a tooth as a kid and that was enough for me to be like “ugh that sucks having a chipped tooth all my life”. Thank God for orthodontists I guess.

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    • She would LOVE to get together and scooter with him! Though the way she cruises around on that thing, she’d probably be a bad influence, haha. I think all kids have their own personalities too, and some just aren’t risk-takers by nature. I just want to make sure mine aren’t that way out of fear, ya know? Up to this point, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s been and I hate that for them!

      That’s funny that you wrote a post about that today too, I’ll have to check it out! I may be ok in the “let the kids do things that could get them hurt dept.,” but our life experiences probably shape the fears that we have for our kids (like a chipped tooth), and I have PLENTY of fears that I wish I didn’t have to have. Wah.

      I don’t wish for stitches, though. Can you imagine the grumbling that would come from my other half about the doctor bill…? Haha.

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