they just let anyone have a blog (me)

This morning I walked to the gas station nearest my house and when I got home, sent my husband a text that was all “probably just saw a professional b-ball player because who else is that tall? also saw a dead robin.” Not because it was important and/or interesting, but sometimes I just want to tell someone stuff and when that happens, I mostly just tell him. That’s the cool thing about being married – it’s like having a built-in bff who you can say a bunch of random sh*t to and they don’t even seem phased.

Not sure if he feels the same way, but whatever.

So I’ll bet that when he called me later to talk about some of my other text messages (house stuff), he wasn’t even surprised by my 5 minute, unrelated, epiphany/spiel about how I’m basically like a cat.

“…ugh, I think I’m having an anti-social day, that’s all. I’m just…I’m like a cat…! OH MY GOSH, I’M LIKE A CAT. Like, when I have a day where I just want to hide behind the couch and hiss, you have to accept that.”

I dunno, guys.


One thought on “they just let anyone have a blog (me)

  1. Lol a cat…and I send text messages to my hubby too. Half of which probably go unread. Oh well. It serves it’s purpose.


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