winners and losers

I’m sparing you guys the post I had all typed up about kids and sports and competition and participation medals.

Mostly because I ovary-acted and sounded awfully f*cking judgy for a mom who found an old aquarium admission ticket in her Star Wars crossbody bag with the word “penis” scribbled on the back of it, but also because I used the term ‘butthurt,’ and didn’t want the butthurt folk who might be reading to endure more butthurt.

Am I even using that word right…?

Still, to let you know where I stand on kids and sports and competition and participation medals without insulting anyone who might think different than myself, after my son’s first soccer game of the season, I asked him if they chose a team name yet and he was all “I don’t think so…but everyone yells ‘hustle’ a lot…?”

And I feel like he should get all the medals just for being so dang weird/funny.


3 thoughts on “winners and losers

  1. Are you my spirit animal? Just found your blog and want to say, I feel butthurt that I’m not as funny as you are but I hope to get close once my baby lets me sleep a little longer. In the meantime, I will read with deep appreciation and envy.

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    • Well, your comment alone made me laugh, so you must be SUPER funny when you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep.

      Babies, man. It’s a bummer that they don’t appreciate a good sense of humor and let us get the sleep we need to maintain it.

      But I’m sure glad that you found me! And thank you x infinity for the compliment.


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