what i wore: sunday night slacker

Fashion-blogging makes me LOL, but probably because I don’t get it and mostly just wear sweatpants and Star Wars t-shirts for a living.

Anyway, remember when I used to do these? That was always dumb/fun.


Glasses – America’s Best, even though I was told I look super stupid in them by the girl that worked there//Face – Just always weird-looking and quizzical, I guess//Long Sleeve – Target, a couple of years ago//T-Shirt – X-mas gift from my brother//Pants – A just-because gift from that same brother, who rules, obviously.

Whatever, did you guys watch COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey tonight? ‘Cause I did and I just want to talk about that and not fashion foreverrrrrr.


what i wore: wednesday

I think I should probably start calling these “What Not To Wear Wednesdays,” because hello, you’ve seen me.

And I wasn’t even going to do this today (see above), but two people wanted to see my weird pants and this one goes out to them.


Hair – Hot mess//Undershirt – Lengthy, thank goodness//T-Shirt – My dear cousin’s shirt that I cut up all fancy like this//Pants – Thrifted these babies over the weekend and I don’t even care if that’s gross because they remind me of Kat Von D and, I don’t know if you remember this, but I love her and WE’RE BASICALLY BEST FRIENDS.

what i wore: monday

High-five, I showered and dressed today.

First of all, disclaimer: This is in no way fashion advice and/or meant to inspire you, obviously. Do you see how disheveled I look? Is that why people do this? For inspiration or something? I don’t really get it but I do it anyway to make fun of myself and for proof that I didn’t spend the entire day in sweatpants like I did yesterday and the day before that and…


Ears – I was born with them, they’re enormous//Undershirt – Pretty sure I got it from my sister, but I’m only mentioning it because it has a mind of it’s own and never stays hidden and tucking it in would be too smart//Shirt – It’s from JCP and I have no idea how many dollars it cost me because I bought it like 5 years ago when I had a job as a barista//Pants – I got them just the other day from Kohl’s. They were 7 bucks, you guys! I’m not super sure how to wear them or if I can pull them off, but whatever//Socks – My husband got them for me at Wal-Mart and when he got home from work today he was all “Wow, you look nice. Except for those socks, Oogie Boogie.”